OptiColor Project

Problem to solve: At construction sites, the color of high-visibility clothing is not always optimal. In some cases, the results are the opposite i.e. personnel is camouflaged.
Our Solution: A software application that analyzes pictures from a specific work environment and determines the optimal safety color.

Optimal safety color - HVSA

Background Information

The use of High-Visibility Safety Apparel (HVSA) is highly recommended or obligatory in situations where personnel is near moving vehicles or equipment. HVSA can be vests, uniforms, coveralls, jackets, pants, hats, wrist bands, etc. In sectors such as construction, highway works, airport operations, emergency response, courier services and similar, workers are required to wear HVSA. By using HVSA, workers are made more conspicuous and the number of occasions where personnel in not seen and accidents happen in reduced.

The typically safety colors are red, orange and yellow. These colors are recommended by industry standards (e.g. ISO EN 20471:2013 etc.). However, red, orange and yellow are not always the optimal colors. For example, in an environment where everything is red or yellow, instead of increasing consciousness we have the opposite effect (camouflage).

Opticolor Solution

The Opticolor Project proposes a generally applicable methodology for determining the optimal color for High Visibility Safety Apparel. The methodology uses worksite photographs and rudimentary image processing techniques to determine the predominant colors and evaluate their contrast to six HVSA colors

Phase 1 – Validation

Validation has been completed. Image Analysis Algorithm has been developed ( 2019). Concept validation tests completed. For information visit https://optimalsafetycolor.com/

Phase 2 – Commercialisation

Business Plan developed for commercialization. In search of funding in order to:
(A) proceed with the development of commercial web application for use by Safety Practitioners when preparing a Projects’ HSE Plan. (B) introduce and promote the product to the focus market (Oil&Gas, Marine Construction, Shipping)

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