Inspection Booking

Problem to solve: Inefficient outsourcing of Quality Control (QC) Inspections. Roughly 50% of QC Inspections are outsourced to freelancers. Typically, outsourcing goes through Inspection Agencies. (Similarly to how overseas hotel accommodation was booked through local travel agencies before the spread of the internet)

Solution: Customers (fabricators, shipyards, offshore contractors, marine contractors, etc.) will be able to find Inspection Providers (Inspection Companies and Freelance Inspectors) and instantly proceed with the online booking of QC Inspections. QC Inspections in the proposed marketplace will cover welding and coating inspection. The marketplace will handle booking, payment, and handover of QC documentation.

Project Status:
Feb 2019 – Βusiness case developed.
Sept 2019 – Concept Validated.

Next Steps:
1. Secure funds for commercialization.
2. Develop and Launch MVP.
3. Prove product viability in one geographic area.

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