Innovation Ideas

Below is a list of ideas we have considered over the past two years. The ideas are immature (TRL<3) and have not entered the development stage. Two ideas were selected for further development (2019 onwards): the OptiColor and the Inspector Booking.

Marine and Offshore

  • Lock-block: In contrast to existing concrete armor units for breakwaters and shore protection, our block consist of 3 types of blocks which are placed in a predetermined order (non-random) for quicker installation and enhanced interlocking.
  • J-Lay Joint Band: a support band that can be the standard band for supporting the equipment for J-lay (Welding, AUT, JFC steps), thus eliminating the need to change the equipment support band before each step (Welding, AUT, FJC).
  • D-Clip: Part for connecting subsea grouting hoses to tensioned wires (crane or winch wire) for safe deployment of grouting hoses in deepwater or/and high currents.
  • Quick Release system for seafastening containers and deck cargo for offshore projects.
  • Express wind installer: The main feature of this idea is that the complete wind turbine (support structure, tower, nacelle, and blades) is erected by the quayside. Then, the wind turbine is transferred and installed offshore as one piece.
  • Fall-arrest Basket Transfer: Basket transfer configuration with quick release harness hook-on points
  • Opticolor: Color selection for HVSA (High Visibility Safety Apparel) in order to enhance safety in the marine environment. Using an image analysis algorithm, we can define the optimal color for personnel apparel in order to make personnel at a worksite more noticeable to other workers or equipment operators.

Welding and Coating

  • Inspection Booking: Online application for increasing productivity in QC inspections and transforming a traditionally hourly rate industry into money for value industry.
  • Welding positioner: A 360 degrees welding positioner for heavy steel fabrication. It can radically increase the percentage of welds done in Flat position using SAW and eliminate the need for welding in Vertical and Overhead positions using GMAW and/or FCAW welding processes which are much slower.
  • All gauge: New type of welding inspection gauge.
  • Plug type anodization tank for retrofitting anodization of large surfaces in small steps.
  • Offshore Paint Cup: Cup closed mixing and transfer pots with carton mattress.
  • Clean Brush: Paintbrush clean and reused container.
  • A spray gun system for mixing and spraying small quantities of epoxy paint.


  • Wake oscillator models for VIV. Research on wake oscillator models for computationally efficient simulation vortex-induced vibrations.
  • CYS: Innovative bowl and double filtration pipe
  • CG Sause. Grill Sauce
  • Onewood, Babyradio
  • Low consumption night Cooling System: Efficient system for house cooling during the night. Suitable for regions with high daytime temperatures and temperature of 20-26°C at night time. Unlike the passive ventilation stacks, this concept requires a small wall opening. A low consumption fan pushes cool air from the outside to the inside.
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